Casket Spray

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

This song represents the lifecycle and mortality of a flower, hence the name Casket Spray, which are bouquets and wreaths of flowers laid upon caskets in funerals. At the start, the only instrument you really hear is the tinker bell, and even then, the melody is very simple. The flower has recently germinated and is in its infancy.

In the middle of the song, you start to hear a harp, and the two instruments play together. The flower is starting to bloom and come into its own, similar to how the song finds its footing with the extra harp track.

Towards the end of the song, you hear the harp melody gradually degrade into a lower pitch, and the tinker bell is also lowering in pitch, and even has a note missing, and finally trails off. The flower is in full bloom, but it is perishing. It loses one of its leaves as it’s wilting (represented by the missing note), until eventually, the last bit of life from the flower withers away and trails off: it is dead.

This is one of the better tracks I’ve made so far; at least, I don’t cringe at it when I listen to it, which is an improvement.

This song was a result of me playing around with a free GBA soundfont I picked up. The tinker bell sound is from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and the harp is from Piglet’s Big Game.

I was actually meant to be drawing, but I ended up getting side-tracked and made this. I kept the song simple and only two tracks, so as to not ‘ruin’ the track by bloating it or whatever. Having said that, some chords or something might go nicely with this.

Since this song is so simple, it doesn’t sound like absolute garbage when exported as a MIDI (just the regular amount of garbage), so I’ll post the MIDI of this song below too.

LMMS project:

Exported WAV tracks: